Real Estate

A national survey by the National Association of Realtors shows that nearly 20 percent of realtors who aren’t already using drones said they plan to use them in the future. Around 90 percent of real estate buyers use the Internet to look for their next home, making eye-popping videos and photos from drones that much more important.

Aerial Inspections

Many drones are being used for industrial inspections, aerial photography, agricultural assessments and research, 3D terrain mapping and a host of other uses. Inspection projects that would normally take days of work can be eliminated by using drones that can even function in poor weather conditions.


Drones will have major changes in the way we do security. Everything from a bank to national security can benefit from drone usage, saving cost and making the world safer. Consider a drone doing a perimeter check around a secure facility or gauging where first responders need to be in the case of a disaster.

Canoe Creek house

What can Dronography do for you?

At Dronography we can be your eye in the sky!  We use our drones to help you in your business, government or personal research and agriculture needs.

We provide assistance with aerial inspections

Our drones can allow you to see areas that normally are hard to get to and sometimes dangerous to try.

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